No, we do not charge a fee for making a booking. You will pay only at the time of pick-up the car.
You can pick-up the car anywhere. We bring you the car to you location, your address, your hotel, at the airport; just write us in coments section where you need the car and we will bring it there.
As we are located near Otopeni Airport and we do not have offices in other cities, we must bring the car to your location from Otopeni, so the rental charge will be higher.
If you do not have an online booking, the only posibility to rent a car from us is to come to our office or call us. Our address is 1D, Drumul Odaii Street, Otopeni inside Hotel Charter Otopeni.
Yes, the rates include unlimited mileage.
No, our cars do not have the logo printed on them, nobody will know the car is rented.
Yes. All rates include TVA (romanian VAT).
For each additional driver there is a tax of 10 euro/rental/driver.
Yes. The rate for GPS is 10 euros/rental.
Child seat cost 10 euro/rental. All you have to do is to tell us in your comments that you need a child seat and the age of the child.